Reupholstering Furniture is the Heart of What We Do

At Brocade Upholstery, reupholstering furniture is the cornerstone of what we do.  We can take that old couch, sofa, chair, or ottoman and transform it into something new.  In fact, it’s better than new. Why?  Because we do more than simply put new fabric on your future.  We repair broken couch frames, tighten springs, refinish wood details, and more.  The entire piece gets a makeover!

We strip your furniture to the frame to make repairs first.

Even the best couch or chair start starts to sag and lump given enough time.  Likewise, springs and support boards can get broken or fatigued with use.  When we reupholster your furniture, we fix all these structural components first.  After all, who wants to put new fabric on a sagging frame?

removed upholstery from back of couch shows exposed structure and springs for furniture restoration at Brocade Upholstery Studio on the border of Ravenna and Rootstown Ohio