Furniture Repair and Restoration at Brocade Upholstery

Is your couch sagging in the middle?  Perhaps a favorite chair now pokes you with springs and lumps when you sit in it.  Our furniture repair and restoration services will transform your couch, chair, sofa, or loveseat from lumpy to luxurious!  We don’t want to simply cover your furniture with new fabric.  Instead, we want to restore your furniture from the ground up.

How to fix sagging couch cushions

Sometimes the sag is due to a piece of the furniture’s frame breaking or cracking.  Other times, it’s due to cushion filling breaking down and disintegrating over time.  Still others it’s a combination of both!  No matter what the cause of your sagging sofa cushions, our team of upholstery experts can help.

  • Repair broken, bending, or cracked furniture frame parts
  • Replace old cushion materials

Fixing lumpy, pokey chair seats

Many chairs, especially antique chairs, use springs under their cushions for comfort and support.  After years of supporting weight, they loosen, stretch, and break.  As a result, your favorite easy chair become an uncomfortable seat of lumps and pokes.  Again, Brocade Upholstery’s team can rescue your chair in the following ways.

  • Tighten and tie springs back in place
  • Replace broken springs
  • Replace seat cushion materials
inside view antique chair springs frame support repair near Hudson Ohio