Formerly Lane Upholstery in Kent, Brocade Upholstery has a Long, Proud History

Brocade Upholstery carries on a long tradition. The first upholstery shop in Kent started in 1943, when Jim Lane opened up Kent Upholstery during World War II.  During this time, steel and other parts for making furniture were scarce.

In the 1980s, there were six thriving upholstery businesses in Kent, making it a hub for the region. Today, only one shop remains: Brocade Upholstery

“I had the chance to study under Bill Lane who was a great upholster,” Rosi Peruyero-Noden, owner of Brocade Upholstery explains. “It gave me a love for the craft – to do work where you don’t take shortcuts and that will stand the test of time.”

Bill Lane noted that while upholstery is somewhat of a “dying art” that it is encouraging to see someone younger like Noden take on the trade. “I was surprised that she wanted to get into this business. But I still believe that it’s very rare that an old piece of furniture is not worth reupholstering. And we need people to carry on this trade,” Lane said.

Mr. Lane of Lane Upholstery in Kent Ohio poses with Rosi of Brocade Upholstery Shop in Ravenna, Ohio

Rosi took over Lane Upholstery from Bill Lane in 2013 when he retired.

She worked as an apprenticed there, and as a seamstress.  Bill has completely supported Rosi’s effort to continue this company’s proud. history.

“Rosi was very teachable. I knew she had what it takes to do this work when she first came to work with us,” Lane comments.

 I’m honored to have so much attention brought to my shop as well as this generally forgotten art. Upholstery doesn’t just make use of valuable resources: it also helps reduce waste from furniture: more than 10 billion tons of furniture are dumped into landfills each year making up 5% of all trash.

We’ve made the shift to recycling paper, glass, and plastic. I think we can also make a shift to how we think about investing in furniture that we can keep for a long time, re-upholster, and lessen our environmental impact

Rosi believes in all the benefits of reupholstering furniture.

While some people regard upholstery as expensive, it’s actually a much better long term investment. Cheap furniture doesn’t last long, lands up in the trash, and eventually in a landfill. With upholstery, you can get all of the following benefits:

  • create a custom piece
  • preserve and keep family heirloom pieces for future generations
  • help the environment
  • invest in craftsmanship here locally versus a factory overseas

I’m continuing Lane Upholstery’s legacy as well as creating an affordable alternative to throwing beloved pieces away or buying unreliable furniture.

Add to your collection with one of Rosi’s vintage furniture finds

Rosi also collects high-quality vintage furniture.  Many times, these pieces provide customers a unique low-cost option that can then be finished to fit their needs.

In Rosi’s Own Words

I keep family traditions going, as well as help start new ones. With people increasingly seeing their individual choices as value-driven, furniture might become the next front for helping the environment. With the rise of recycling, organic foods, and locally sourced products, look out for upholstery to potentially become the next big thing.