Reupholstering Furniture: Is the Cost Worth It?

You just can’t nap on it like you used to.  It’s lumpy and stained.  Once the centerpiece of your living room, your couch is now an uncomfortable eyesore. But you love this couch. So you’re wondering how much does it cost to reupholster a couch. To reupholster or just buy new? That is the question, right?

Reupholstering furniture is not inexpensive. Our team of four will spend anywhere between 40 to 80 hours reupholstering a couch.  In the process, we’ll strip your couch to the frame and repair any structural supports.  We’ll also tie springs, replace worn out cushion padding, and then finally start the pretty part: putting on your chosen fabric.

Many choices affect how much your couch reupholstering project will cost.

In addition to the work hours, your cost will be affected by the choices you make along the way. Below we cover some of the major choices to consider when reupholstering your couch.

Fabric Choice

The cost of the fabric you choose to recover your couch plays a large role in the overall cost. If you order fabric that’s in-stock, you could potentially save a little money.  Special orders of quality leathers and hard-to-find prints, on the other hand, may increase the cost.  At Brocade Upholstery, we do not upcharge your fabric choice.  You pay the actual price of the fabric.  This point alone often makes our furniture reupholstering services more affordable than other upholsterers in the Northeast Ohio area.

For the sake of comparison, a typical three cushion couch requires 16 to 24 yards of fabric.  At the lower end, you’ll pay about $38 per yard for upholstery fabric.  On the upper end, expect to pay around $75 a yard.  A premium leather, on the other hand, can be as much as $200 per yard.

Your couch’s special details

The level of detail your couch has also impacts how much it will cost.  Button backs, pleats, unique edges, and decorative tacks can all add to the price.  Not only can they require more fabric, but they require more time.  We make each button right here in-house, so we achieve the perfect match and fit.

Cushion materials

Your choice of cushion materials affects the cost of your reupholstering project as well.  We offer many different cushion options.  Foam depth, density, and dimensions all affect the price.

Additional wood refinishing needed

If your couch includes wood details, they may need to be refinished, too.  We can fix scratches and dents, so the entire couch is restored to its fullest potential.  Our stains color-match and blend to maintain your piece’s original beauty.

Before: Vintage Sofa with Ripped Upholstery

before picture of antique wood and upholstery love seat in need of reupholstering and repair at Brocade Upholstery Studio near Kent Ohio

After: Vintage Sofa Reupholstered and Refinished by Brocade Upholstery

restored and reupholstered antique bench in pail taupe and palm tree print fabric with button back and detailed scroll work in high wood back trimmed arms and legs

bottom view of couch shows broken wood slats for furniture repair at Brocade Upholstery Studio serving Beachwood, Rootstown, Fairlawn, and surrounding areas

Frame and spring repairs

Some couches come to us needing very little TLC.  Others suffer from sagging cushions due to cracked or broken frame pieces.  Others have springs so loose they’re bouncing more than the back seat of a clown car.  At Brocade Upholstery, we don’t take shortcuts.  To us, reupholstering a couch or a chair mean more than putting pretty fabric on it.  It means restoring a piece of furniture to full function and beauty.  Of course, the more repairs your couch needs, the more time we’ll need to complete the job.  These hours get included in the cost of reupholstering your sofa.

So what is the bottom line?

For a no-frills three-cushion sofa, a reupholstery job will run you between $610 to $1,800 in fabric alone.  Leather couches run anywhere between $650 to $$4,800  just for the leather.  What you get in return, though, is more than a beautiful couch.  You also get all of the following:

  • Less cost than buying new the same quality of furniture.  Let’s face it.  The furniture in most stores is made with inferior framing and fabrics.  As a result, you’ll be looking to replace that new, “cheaper” sofa again in a few years.
  • Preserved family history.  Sometimes a couch or chair is more than simply a piece of furniture.  It’s where Grandpa read books to you or where Grandma rocked your children to sleep.  These memories are worth preserving for generations to come.
  • Exact match to your style and decor. You get the pick the fabric, so you get exactly what you want. There’s no setting for a color that’s close. You can pick exactly the style you want.
  • Customized comfort level.  We’re all a bunch of Goldilocks when it comes to finding the right couch.  Because you also get to choose your level of seat cushioning, the softness will be just right.

You’ll also be helping our environment.

Nearly 10% of all landfills are composed of old used furniture. Reupholstering allows you to reinvent furniture rather than dispose of it. Reducing waste in our landfills benefits us all.

Likewise, most new furniture is made overseas.  Then it’s shipped here to us.  Reupholstering your couch reduces the fuel and packaging resource waste such processes demand.

You’ll be supporting a local business with local craftsmen

Reupholstery is not inexpensive because it is done by hand, by craftsmen and sewers with years of experience. At Brocade Upholstery, our team has over 50 years of combined upholstering and sewing experience.  All team members live in the towns surrounding Kent, Ohio.

Call Brocade Upholstery today for a free estimate to how much reupholstering your couch will cost.

You can use our Contact Us page to send us pictures and provide us with an idea of what you want in the finished project.  This information helps us give a more accurate estimate for your unique project.